Matthew 19 – 11/6/17

Learning to Include Jesus: Reading through Matthew’s Gospel


First Day – Monday of Seventh Week

Matthew 19 – Upside down again!   The people of Jesus’ day could be as cavalier about marriage as many are today.  And, like many people today, folks of Jesus’ day thought wealth proved a person’s superiority – especially their spiritual superiority.  Since so few people had any money at all – surely God loved the ones with a lot of money more than others!   

           But, once again, Jesus turns human assumptions on their heads.  Jesus says that marriage is not trivial.  It is a lasting commitment created and consecrated by God.  Wealth, however, is not lasting – but it can keep a person committed to it from the only thing that is lasting – the Kingdom of God.   In between these two reversals of common human values, Matthew records Jesus – once again – pointing to children as embodying the primary characteristic of citizens of the Kingdom: humility.  It takes humility to live in a lasting marriage.  It takes humility to trust your security, status, and safety to God rather than money.                      

           Reflection:  Today, Include Jesus, in your marriage and in your money.  He can help you keep both in proper perspective.

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