Matthew 21 – 11/8/17

Third Day – Wednesday of Seventh Week

Matthew 21 – The King is coming!  Jesus rides into Jerusalem where he is greeted by the common people as their long-awaited king (1-11).  And the first thing King Jesus does is clean house (12-17).  Three of the remaining four scenes speak warning to those who should have kept the king’s house in order.  There are three questions that come from those warnings: (1) Do you bear fruit? (18-22) (2) Do you talk a better game than you play? (28-32) (3) Do you think you can operate the king’s business without him?  (33-46)  

          Could the same warnings apply to those who claim to know the King today? As Christians: do we bear fruit?  Do we live our promises or do we merely speak our praise?  Do we think we can operate our churches without the Lord?                                                                       

Reflection: Where does the cleaning need to begin in my life if I truly Include Jesus?  Why would I praise him or even claim to know him if I don’t really trust him as my King?

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