Matthew 22 – 11/9/17

Fourth Day – Thursday of Seventh Week

Matthew 22 – If you could talk with Jesus face to face, what question would you most want to ask him?  From the scenes in this chapter, I don’t think you could ask any question he couldn’t handle.  But Jesus always seemed to see past the simple “yes/no” and “either/or” answers and deep into the core principles beneath the questions.  

          Government or God? Both – in proper order.
          Marriage and eternal life?  Eternal life is a vastly from this life.  Some very important structures now will be very different then.
         Which of all the 613 commandments that the Jews found in the scripture were the most important?  Give up counting – just love God with everything you are and love the people around you with the same concern you have for yourself.
Personally, most days, I’d rather simply have a book of “Kingdom Laws” to consult.  It would relieve me.  I wouldn’t have to struggle with my attitudes and motives about God and other people.
Reflection: In the last scene in the chapter, Jesus asks a question about who the people think he really is.  From how you Include Jesus in your life today, what’s your answer?

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