Matthew 25 – 11/12/17


Seventh Day – Sunday of Seventh Week

Matthew 25 – Two parables that teach us to be ready for the Lord’s return.  We are warned to be faithful to what we should be doing as we wait for Jesus.  I find myself at the same place I was in chapter 22: “Jesus, give me a clear list of what you expect me to do!”  I think the last parable of this chapter tells me.  In this well-known parable about separating sheep and goats at the end of time, the list of expectations is repeated four times.  No one with any sense at all could miss it.  

Feed the hungry.
Include the stranger.
Clothe those without clothes.
Keep close to the sick and to those in prison.      
          Jesus simply repeats what he said about the most important commandment in chapter 22: Love God.  Love other people.  Love even the hungry, the outsider, the naked, the sick, and the prisoner.  Love God by loving them.  Jesus never said people had to deserve it.

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