Matthew 26 – 11/13/17

Learning to Include Jesus: Reading through Matthew’s Gospel


First Day – Monday of Eighth Week

Matthew 26 – The intensity of the last hours of Jesus’ life is nail-biting.  Matthew tells the story with a tightening spiral of events.  He circles from one extreme to the other, good to bad, positive to negative:

the leaders of the Jews agree to kill Jesus (3-5)

+ Jesus is anointed by a woman in Bethany (6-13)

Judas agrees to betray Jesus (14-16); yet Jesus still invites him to repent (17-25)

+ Jesus shapes his last Passover into a reminder of the New Covenant in his coming sacrifice (26-30)

Jesus predicts Peter’s denial (31-35)

+ Jesus takes three disciples with him to pray (they sleep)(36-46)

Jesus is arrested and deserted by his followers (47-56)    

Jesus is unjustly tried by his own religious leaders, who sentence him to death (57-68)         

Just as Jesus said he would, Peter denies Jesus three times (69-75)

The story spirals down into depths of injustice, betrayal, aloneness.                          


Reflection:  Oh, Lord – may I learn to Include You in all of my life.  And, most importantly, Lord — may I never exclude you to your hurt and my shame.

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