Matthew 27 – 11/14/17

Second Day – Tuesday of Eighth Week
Matthew 27 – Could the story get any darker and more sinister?  Yes.
Judas the betrayer hangs himself.  The Jewish leadership hands Jesus over to Pilate, the Roman governor, and insists that Jesus be executed.  Pilate’s cynicism about this stubborn, nationalistic people is only reinforced when the leadership persuades the masses to exchange Jesus’ life for that of a known rebel and killer.  The Roman soldiers, enduring the frustration of deployment to this dusty land with its volatile people, take out their frustration on Jesus as they mock and beat him.  Then he is led away to be crucified.  The sky grows dark, the earth convulses, the temple is rattled to its core, tombs shake loose their dead – and Jesus dies.  
Someone loans Jesus’ family a tomb and a large platter-like stone is rolled across its entrance.  For good measure, the Jewish leaders persuade Pilate to post a guard to protect the tomb from vandals – or disciples.  It’s over.  It is finished.  
A story about any other person would end here.                          
Reflection:  On the darkest, bleakest days of your life – Include Jesus.  No matter how dark it is, the story is not over.

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