Matthew 28 – 11/15/17

 Third Day – Wednesday of Eighth Week
Matthew 28 – You can’t always find Jesus where you left him.  But don’t worry – he’ll find you.
          The tomb in which Jesus was laid, and which was sealed and guarded, and which the women had left shut and secure just a day or so before – the tomb was empty.  Jesus wasn’t where they left him.  But he showed up where they were and simply said, “Hi.”  Then he told them to go tell his disciples to meet him up north in Galilee.
They did.  Even when they saw Jesus alive, some still had questions about all of this (I would). Jesus still included them in his instructions.  As if they needed telling, he told them that everything God had – authority over all creation, heaven and earth – was his also.  “So,” he said, “go tell everybody.  Everybody, in every nation and among every ethnic group – everybody.  Invite them to follow me, just like you did.  Initiate them into our family when they do.  And then teach them what I’ve taught you.  And don’t worry or panic, even when you think you’ve lost me – I will never lose you.  I’ll be there.  I will always be there until the Father makes everything new.”                                                       
Reflection:  Thank you, Father, that you’ve never left your broken and rebellious creation.  Thank you for inviting anyone and everyone to come to you.  Thank you for forgiving us, at your great expense.  And, now that I Include Jesus in my life, thank you for the promise that you will never leave me.  Oh, Father – help me to never leave you!  Help me read this story about Jesus again and again and again.  Help me, now and forever, to Include Jesus on every area of my life.
            And, Father, when the day comes in which you make all things new, because of Jesus – please include me.

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